Peekaboo is a cluster of periscopic rooftop structures that shift an observer’s perspective and perception. Peekaboo enables a viewer to see things that are otherwise out of sight or out of mind. Each periscopic structure will focus an individual’s gaze from the roof towards a specific point within the neighbouring context, whether this is a view of the canal, a distant tree, a glimpse of a passer-by, or peep into the workshop below. The latter two vantage points also provide the chance for those being seen to reciprocate the glance: passers-by on the bridge and users of the workshop are afforded the opportunity to interact with the installation and play ‘peekaboo’.

At nightfall, the periscopic structures will emit light and become beacons, transforming the structure into a local landmark, visible from the canal and surrounding streets. Timber struts hold aloft the black, powder-coated, metal periscopes that will fade into the night sky in the evening time — a peekaboo effect.

The proposal takes its material cues from the existing rooftop platform constructed from scaffold lattice beams and timber decking. Peekaboo acts as an appendage to the existing warehouse. The curated arrangement of the Peekaboo periscopes will add to the eclectic, discordant and informal character of the adjacent rooftops.