Goldreich De Shalit: Locale - Exhibition Design 

The exhibition Goldreich de Shalit: Locale in the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art features the broad individual and joint oeuvres of professional partners and married couple Arthur Goldreich (1929-2011) — artist, architect, freedom fighter and educator — and the interior architect and designer Tamar de Shalit (1932-2009).

The museum’s white main space (20m x 15m) showcases 60 original archive drawers with carefully selected material from the vast multi-disciplinary collections of Goldreich and de Shalit G&dS), arranged in thematic clusters (e.g. hospitality, commemoration, stage). Tens of thousands of items of diverse types are displayed: drawings and plans, slides and photographs, documents, objects and books. Integrated digital screens provide a scope of the work in situ. The visitor glances at the exhibits from above, the bare walls displaying only the striking full-height portraits of G&dS and the main exhibition text in English and Hebrew, adjacent to an intimate seating area, reproduced from G&dS’s original interior design for the museum.

Documenting the couple’s activities and achievements, the exhibition sheds light on the intricate relationship between their personal and professional biographies and key chapters in the political, spatial and aesthetic history of Israel and worldwide.

The location of the exhibition is significantly symbolic: G&dS designed the interior of this iconic 70s Brutalist museum building. The museum’s white main space highlights the linear arrangement of the 60 original archive drawers that contain a raft of materials, arranged to create surprising connections within respective drawers. Seven thematic strands are woven to form a conceptual and historical narrative, situating G&dS’s oeuvres within central historic, architectural and design movements in Israel and internationally. 

The display’s quasi-archival structure creates a ‘learning environment’ ambience. The visitor glances at the exhibits from above, the empty walls featuring striking full-height portraits of G&dS and the main text in English and Hebrew, adjacent to an intimate seating corner, painstakingly reproduced from Gd&S’s original design for the museum.

The use of the archive’s metal drawers reduced the need for specially produced displays, other than black aluminium stands and UV-filtering perspex covers. The black and white palette of the drawers and space is offset by deep red and blue hues in the seating area, wall signages, texts in the boxes and the portraits. Ten boxes contain screens that display images on loop. The drawers will revert back to archive use, and the stands and perspex screens stored for future, possibly travelling, exhibitions.    

Location    Israel
Size           300 sqm
Budget      Undisclosed
Status        Built

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