Florence Road

Located in Finsbury Park, ‘A House for a Gardener’ forms a side and rear extension to a typical Victorian mid-terraced house. The project for a couple, one an avid gardener, looks to arrange a series of spaces around an internal winter courtyard and landscaped garden allowing for a continual connection to nature on this tight urban site. 

To accomplish the brief a series of architectural features are used. A bay window projects out above a pond allowing the clients to sit and read while feeling like they’re in the garden. Large frameless skylights and sliding doors bring light into the spaces and frame views outwards. The winter garden, with a predominantly glazed roof, brings light to all the spaces on the ground floor while visually linking them together placing nature at the heart of the scheme.

Functionally, the proposal includes an enlarged kitchen with built in storage, a new WC, a courtyard and dining area while an existing second floor terrace and basement area have been refurbished. Exposed timber joists allow for increased headroom within the extension area while the repetition of these elements at the same time breaks up the large space, drawing the eye to the garden. Natural materials have been chosen to soften the space, Oak is used for the joists and skylight reveals and inside of the bay window.

Location    London, UK
Size           100 sqm
Budget      Undisclosed
Status        Construction