Charitable Design Surgery


Thinking of extending your home, remodelling or building a new one, and looking for inspiration and tips on how to get started?

Adding space, reconfiguring layouts, increasing light and other strategies to improve your home life and increase the value of your property are achievable.  

On Sunday 8th September we will have a charitable design surgery stall at Ally Pally Farmers Market
We will be offering one-to-one design consultations on how to make the most of your home. 

The 30min consultation will cost £25, with all proceeds going to the homelessness charity Crisis. 

Amos, Director of Amos Goldreich Architecture, will be available between 10am-3pm to offer his advice on any of your design dilemmas.

Amos has lots of experience carrying out beautiful and successful extensions and house remodelling throughout London. The practice’s projects have been published in numerous national and international publications, including The Sunday Times and The Evening Standard, most recently. He is a regular guest speaker at design event such as Grand Designs Live and UK Construction Week.

Amos is also involved in social projects. The practice has completed an award-winning shelter for victims of domestic violence, built on a shoestring and against all odds. Amos is part of a think tank which is pursuing solutions for London’s growing homelessness crisis.

“ We are a young, forward-thinking practice with strong and focused ambitions to change people’s lives in a positive way. We value people, progression and pragmatism. We offer adaptability of approach, appropriate, innovative and enduring design, sensitive to location. We are driven by client aspirations, working to targeted programmes and budgets. We listen to our clients. “

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+ Common scenarios we can advise on:

  1. We would like to convert our loft but are not sure if we can and if it will receive planning permission.
  2. We just bought a house which has not been touched for many years and needs complete modernisation and remodelling so that it fits our lifestyle and brief.
  3. Our kitchen is too small. We need more storage!
  4. We bought a plot of land and would like to build a house on it.
  5. We would like to completely remodel our house and add a basement, loft and side extension.

+ Can you advise me prior to purchasing my property?

Yes. We can advise on possible ways to improve the property by alteration, conversion or extension. This helps our clients understand the full potential of the property they are considering and informs their decision on whether the home is likely to meet all their requirements.

+ What should we bring with us to the consultation?

Please bring as much information as possible about your house. This can included the following:

  1. Any existing plans e.g. estate agent plans are perfect.
  2. Photographs
  3. Your wish list of changes to your house
  4. Any questions you may have.

+ Is the consultation free?

We are offering advice and ask for a donation of £25 to the charity Crisis.

+ Will you have more event in the future?

Yes. Please leave your details below so that we can keep in touch.

If you would like to come along on Sunday, please book in advance, as it will get busy and I do not want to miss you!

If you missed this design surgery, please leave your details below, so that we can keep in touch and let you know about upcoming events.

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