Designing Regenerative Spaces

Invitation to speak

Regenerative spaces are those that are rehabilitating, enriching and strengthening -
they reverse the damaging effects of life’s challenges. We will explore what this looks
like from multiple angles and broaden the discussion beyond the building.

A weeknight event where, together, we define what regenerative spaces look and feel like
across a range of users, sectors and services, from community health and international
development to survivors of domestic violence and correctional facilities.

We’ll facilitate a collaborative event where speakers and guests create something together.
We’ll use PechaKucha style presentations from pioneers in health, architecture and
international development, among others to spark a fresh discussion.

Those who believe that space, environment and setting are fundamental pieces of wellbeing,
thriving and therapy.

Why join
We believe you are a thought leader in creating regenerative spaces. The event will be an
opportunity to:

  • showcase your innovative work

  • share learnings to broaden your impact

  • learn from those with fresh perspectives on the topic

  • connect with individuals and organisations from diverse sectors

Thursday, 3 October 2019, 6.45-9pm

Central London

Event organisers: AzuKo and Amos Goldreich Architecture.

Ticket sales will be donated to architecture charity, AzuKo (no. 1156354).
AzuKo designs with disadvantaged communities and empowers them
to create the world they dream of.